The XR Week Peek (2023.01.31): New rumors on Apple headset, Quest Pro price drops, and more!

I’ve read a lot of articles and XR news this week, but actually, at the end of the day, nothing relevant has happened, except for the usual rumor about Apple… so you can close this roundup now… no ok, I’m kidding! It’s not been the most exciting week ever for XR, but there is still some interesting piece of news here below for you to enjoy.  And by the way, on the personal side, things are going well for me! Utopia has just announced that I will be one of the mentors of their metaverse masterclass, and I’m pretty happy about it. Top news of the week (Image by The Information)New Apple headset rumor talks about natural interactions and content creation tools Rumors and leaks about the upcoming Apple headset are being wisely slowly spilled week after week to keep the attention on the headset high. And this week new reports about Bloomberg

GDC 2023 State of the Game Industry Report Includes Insights Into VR and AR

Games are the largest use case for consumer VR and AR. While VR and AR remain a comparatively small segment of the games industry, the industry is taking notice as VR hardware in particular improves. This presents possibilities for new kinds of games but also promises to breathe new life into established franchises. The GDC’s State of the Game Industry Report for this year is by no means dedicated to VR and AR. However, it does hold insights into how this segment of the industry is growing and changing. This includes insights into larger emerging technology trends like Web3 and the metaverse. VR and AR in the Larger Games Industry This GDC survey, the 11th in an annual series, found that “the metaverse has become more than a buzzword.” That doesn’t mean that VR and AR are now the driving force in the games industry. In terms of which platforms

The XR Week Peek (2023.01.23): Microsoft shuts down Altspace and MRTK, and more!

Welcome to another roundup of AR/VR news of the week! I’m still writing from China, and this week I spent the Chinese New Year here… it was an interesting experience, and if you lost my funny story about it, you can still have a look at it in my dedicated post.  Wishing you all a very positive and special year of the rabbit, I leave you with the most important news of the week in AR and VR! Top news of the week (Image by Microsoft)Microsoft lays off 10,000 employees and shuts down its mixed reality projects This is seriously a bad period for the tech industry in general, and of course also for mixed reality. Because of the bad economic conditions, the less digital post-pandemic world, and all the other problems we at this point know too well, Microsoft had to perform massive layoffs. 10,000 employees will lose their job before March:

CES 2023: Wireless XTAL 3 Aims For Q3 2023 Release

Super wide field of view headset XTAL 3 is getting a wireless option. We last got a look at XTAL 3’s “distortion-free” wide field of view VR system from Vrgineers at CES last year. This year, the company is announcing some updates including a wireless option developed working with the company’s partner IMRNext. While the headset offers native 4K resolution per eye, according to Vrgineers, the wireless mode compresses the resolution to 2560×1440 at 70 Hz per eye and transmits it wirelessly via a belt-worn module to IMRNext’s Wi-Fi 6E access point connected to a capable computer. The aim is for the wireless option to support “more dynamic use case scenarios and enhance the quality of single-user and multi-user simulation and training exercises,” according to Phil Purdy, IMRNext director of Engineering and Delivery, in a prepared statement. Vrgineers says its latest XTAL headset weighs 920 grams.

The XR Week Peek (2022.12.19): Carmack leaves Meta, HTC teases its headset, and more!

These days I’m crunching like hell, so this edition of the newsletter will be with very minimal commentaries. Next week, things should be better… in the meanwhile, send me hugs 🙂 (And btw if the header image made you curious… this is a fully modular SteamVR controller built by Rob Cole: Top news of the week John Carmack leaves Meta John Carmack has completely left Meta. He did that by writing a message in which he criticized the inefficiency of the company and his inability to make the company change its course by preventing bad decisions. This is a huge loss for the whole VR ecosystem.  (And btw John, if you are reading this newsletter… thanks a lot for all the huge work you did in this field, and thanks for your honesty in all this time!) More info (News on Upload) More info (News on Engadget) Other relevant news HTC to reveal

The XR Week Peek (2022.12.13): Upload Winter Showcase had many VR announcements, Pico prepares for the holidays, and more!

I want to dedicate this newsletter to the memory of Rob Crasco, one of the best members of our communities, which has gone away too soon. He has always been supportive of me, and by speaking with him on Twitter and Linkedin I’ve always learned something new. He will be missed by all of us. On the last Twitter post on his timeline, there is a GoFundMe campaign to support his wife, in case you want to be of any help. May he rest in peace. Top news of the week (Image by Upload)Upload VR Winter Showcase brought many pieces of news about VR games Upload VR has organized another one of its amazing VR game showcases. In this one, there have been many news about VR titles, some of which are distributed by relevant companies in our industry, and others made by indies. None of the news announced there has been

AR Artwork Is Inspired By Conversations With A Robot

You can purchase the AR installation as an NFT for a cool $99,000.Those who attended Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 or the Decipher 2022 Conference in Dubai this past week were in for a treat as renowned new media artist Nancy Baker Cahill debuted a groundbreaking new augmented reality (AR) art piece inspired by her conversations with Sophia the Robot, a human-like robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI).Developed in collaboration with Hanson Robotics, Stone Speaks is the latest in a series of AR art pieces from Cahill and the first in a 10-piece collection that Sophia will develop alongside 10 guest artists over the next 10 years. Inspired by Cahill and Sophia’s shared concern over the climate crisis, the absolutely massive art piece begins as a particle field composed of the elements silicon and carbon.These elements then combine to form a molten core before transitioning into a healthy planet accompanied by digital