Play A Puzzle-Solving Canine In VR Game HUMANITY

Guide humanity to safety in this “paw-some” VR action-platformer.Available now on PC VR and PlayStation VR headsets, HUMANITY is a uniquely-crafted VR puzzle-action game that puts you in the shoes (paws?) of a supernatural Shiba Inu tasked with guiding hordes of people through a series of increasingly-elaborate stages, each of which features their own challenges to overcome.In order to safely usher these massive crowds through each challenge, you’ll issue commands such as climb, float, jump, shoot, and turn. According to the official game page, we can expect a healthy combination of action, platforming, and puzzle-solving gameplay as you make your way through 90 story-mode stages. Along the way, you’ll unlock new skills and take on intimidating bosses in the process. [embed][/embed] There’s even a built-in level editor, allowing you to craft your own complex stages and share them with other players online. You can also discover new stages created

The XR Week Peek (2023.05.15): Google confirms headset with Samsung, Ultraleap teases a new device, and more!

It’s time for another roundup of amazing XR news. Are you ready? Top news of the week (Image by Google)Google announces important AI and XR news at Google I/O This Google I/O has seen immersive realities back to the menu. During the keynote, CEO Sundar Pichai and his collaborators announced interesting features both for AR and VR. I’ve written a dedicated news roundup article dedicated to Google I/O today, so I won’t go deep into details here and I invite you to read that post (linked here below) if you want to have the details about the news. But to summarize, the most important XR-related tidbits have been: Google confirmed that is still working with Qualcomm and Samsung to build an XR headset. More information about it is coming “later this year” Project Starline, the booth to have volumetric 1-to-1 calls has been improved and optimized. Some journalists have tried it and

New VR Games & Releases May 2023: PSVR 2, Quest 2 & More

Searching for new VR games releasing in May 2023? We’ve got you covered.Following a strong start this year, April 2023 was comparatively quieter but that doesn’t mean we lacked big VR games. On our side, we reviewed Gambit!, Breachers, Call of the Sea VR, Kill It With Fire VR, A Knight In The Attic, Tennis League VR and Eye of the Temple, alongside interviewing New Blood Interactive about Amid Evil VR. Elsewhere, other notable games included Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition, Fruit Ninja 2 and the Half-Life 2: Episode 2 VR Mod, making it a busy month all around.Here’s a rundown of all the big upcoming VR releases arriving on Meta Quest 2, PC VR, PSVR 2, Pico 4 and more in May 2023.Propagation: Paradise Hotel – May 4 (Quest 2, PC VR) [embed][/embed] Developed by WanadevStudio, Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a sequel to Propagation VR. A survival

The XR Week Peek (2023.04.24): Apple headset to have iOS apps, Pico launches Pico 4 Pro in China, and more!

This week we had quite a few interesting pieces of XR news. From the nth rumor on the Apple headset to the announcement of the Pico 4 Pro in China, there have been a few things happening that you as an XR enthusiast can’t miss. Here in this roundup, of course, you can find them all. And together with them, you can also find a giveaway of keys for the audiobook about the metaverse by Luis Martins! :O Top news of the week (Image from an Apple event)Apple headset to run iOS apps The rumored launch of the Apple headset is getting closer, so the rumors about it are intensifying. The usual Mark Gurman has published an interesting report about it, in which he talks about the applications that should be available on the device. This is the list of apps, kindly reported by my friends at RoadToVR: iPad apps adapted for mixed

Humanity Follows A Shiba Inu Onto PC VR & PSVR 2 On May 16

Surrealist puzzle platformer Humanity releases May 16 on PC, PSVR and PSVR 2.First revealed back in 2019, Humanity is the latest game from Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite publisher Enhance. Reminiscent of Lemmings, you play as a Shiba Inu, guiding the mindless masses across levels by making them jump, climb, swim and more to reach the exit. Beyond the main campaign, Humanity also lets you create and share custom-built stages. Announcing the news with a retro-themed trailer, you can watch that below: [embed][/embed] Better still, Enhance confirmed that PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members can play Humanity on day one at no extra cost, by way of the subscription’s Game Catalog. If you’re curious to know more, here’s the official description:A unique blend of devious puzzle-solving and platformer-action mechanics, HUMANITY’s ever-changing and eclectic gameplay experience will have you lead a horde of ever-forward-marching people into the light. Place commands to

Skarredghost does not exist, he has always been an artificial intelligence

Today’s article will be a bit different than usual. Who is writing is not Skarredghost, but a spokesperson of UmbrellAI which has been authorized by the company to speak publicly. With today’s post, we want to communicate to the whole VR community a piece of news that may shock some of you, but that signals an important advancement of artificial intelligence technology: the VR blogger that goes under the pseudonym of Skarredghost does not exist, but he is a virtual human developed by our company. UmbrellAI Our logo, which inspires happiness and trust UmbrellAI Corp. is a company that has been focused on artificial intelligence for many decades. We were early believers in AI even in times when the technology was rough and its usability was questioned by many technology professionals. Over the years, we developed an incredible team hiring always

The XR Week Peek (2023.03.27): Vive inside-out Tracker announced, Pico’s launch in the US delayed, and more!

This has been quite an interesting week. We had at the same time the Game Developer Conference (the GDC) and the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) by NVIDIA, so we had lots of announcements about 3D technology in general and also about XR. Since there are these two conferences with a very similar name happening at a similar time and a similar place, I wonder why they don’t unify them in a single one called GTDC, or GXC, or something like that. Ok, of course, I’m kidding, but, you know, the possibility of saying the wrong name is so high that my proposal actually starts making sense… Top news of the week (Image by HTC Vive)HTC reveals inside-out-tracked Tracker With a totally unexpected move, HTC has revealed a new kind of Tracker.  The Tracker is one of the most successful products sold by HTC: it is mostly used by the VRChat community people

The Top 25 Best PSVR 2 Games And Experiences – Spring 2023

Looking to find the best PlayStation VR2 games available on Sony’s new headset? Here’s out full list of the top 25 best PSVR 2 games for PS5. At launch in February 2023, PSVR 2 came running through the door with a fairly hefty library of VR games and exclusive titles. It’s only getting bigger too, with more games launching every week and many more to come. Since launch, we’ve been trying out as many PSVR 2 experiences as possible to put together our list of the best options across the entire library. Across the list, we’ve tried to represent a wide range of titles from different genres, showcasing the best picks in each and ranking all 25 games in ascending order. There’s some obvious picks and first-party exclusives you might expect to make an appearance, but there’s also a pleasant selection of hidden gems from

Coach Partners With ZERO10 on AR Try-On Tech for Metaverse Fashion Week

The second edition of Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) is set to take place at the end of this month in Decentraland’s Luxury District, where global brands will feature their digital wearables. MVFW is a four-day-long event that combines fashion and AR try-on technology to offer a unique, immersive experience to attendees. Metaverse Fashion Week, which will run from March 28–31 this year, will see the participation of luxury brand Coach for the first time, showcasing its products in the virtual show. The event brings together top designers and brands, making it an exciting opportunity for Coach to showcase its signature leather-made products in the metaverse. ZERO10’s AR Try-On Tech Highlights Coach’s Iconic Tabby Bag In collaboration with ZERO10, Coach will introduce its iconic Tabby bag with a unique AR enhancement as part of its upcoming activation during MVWF. The feature will be accessible via the ZERO10 app, allowing users

The XR Week Peek (2023.03.20): Meta to perform new layoffs, Google Glass to shut down, and more!

I’m back in Italy! My time at SXSW has been great, but now it’s time to be back to the usual routine. I still feel a lot tired because of the jet lag and the little sleep I had in Austin, but this is pretty normal, and in one week or such this feeling should go away. And I’m sure that the support from all of you will make me feel better even sooner 🙂 Top news of the week (Image by Meta)Meta to lay off people and focus more on AI It’s been a tough week for Meta. Mark Zuckerberg has communicated to his employees that in this “Year of efficiency,” the company is laying off another 10,000 people and canceling 5,000 open job positions. The layoffs will start affecting the recruiting departments in March, then the tech employees in April, and in the end, the business people in May. Together with